Medical Biomaterials Research Center



Medical Biomaterial Research Center (MBRC) at Tehran University of Medical Science provides an infrastructure for research on biomaterials and targeted drug delivery systems. Based on

Available Positions

There are available open positions for post-doc students in field of medical biomaterials and innovative drug delivery systems at MBRC (PhD and Postdoc positions are also available at Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Department). Applicants should send their curriculum vitae and personal statement to or directly contact MBRC faculty members.

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MBRC is a start-up for creativity and breakthroughs in field of medical biomaterials and drug delivery

Postdocs, Research Assistants and Students

Postdocs Dr. Seyed Mojtaba Daghighi Tel: +98 9131520042 Email:  Research Interests Novel nanostructures-based agents for optical imaging Antimicrobial coatings Cells-biomaterial interactions Integration of multimodal

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Pharmaceutical Biomaterials PhD Courses (Department of Pharmaceutical Biomaterials)

Table A. Core Courses in the Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Prerequisite or concurrent courses Total   hours of   the coarse Credits Number of Title of the course Code

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Pharmaceutical Biomaterials PhD Program (Department of Pharmaceutical Biomaterials)

Description Pharmaceutical Biomaterials is a multidisciplinary field of study combining Pharmaceutics and Biomaterials. This field, commonly deals with the strategies related to the manipulation of

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Lastest Lectures and Workshops

Do not miss MBRC lectures and workshops!!  

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Latest Publications

Akrami M, Balalaie S, Hosseinkhani S, Alipour M, Salehi F, Bahador A, Haririan I. Tuning the anticancer activity of a novel pro-apoptotic peptide using gold

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Joint Labs and Facilities

Joint laboratories Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Lab Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy Lab Advanced Technologies in Medicine Lab Medical Physics Lab (Contrast Imaging Agents) Biosensors Research Lab  

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MBRC Members

Ismail Harririan

Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences Office: 2-110 Tel: + 98 21 66482607 Email: Research intersts Pharmaceutical biomaterials Smart drug delivery systems Gene delivery

Ismail Harririan
Amir Amani

Associate Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences Office: Tel: +98 21 88991118 Email: Research interests Drug delivery using nanoparticles Application of neural networks in nanotechnology

Amir Amani
Farid Abedin Dorkoosh

Associate Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences Office: Tel: +98 21 88009440 Email: Research interests Oral protein/peptide delivery Sustained release parenterals Innovative cancer nanomedicine

Farid Abedin Dorkoosh
Mehdi Khoobi

Tehran University of Medical Sciences Assistant Professor office: Tel: + 98 21 64121113 Email: ( Research interests Theranostic agents for breast cancer and Alzheimer disease Enzyme

Mehdi Khoobi
Morteza Hosseini

Associate Professor Tehran University Office: Tel: +98 21 Email: Research interests Cancer maker diagnostics Nanobiosensors for clinical biomarkers Featured publications Dadmehr M, Hosseini M, Hosseinkhani

Morteza Hosseini
Nader Riahi Aalam

Nader Riahi Aalam Associate Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences Office: Tel: +98 21 9121909646 Email: Research interests Molecular and neuroimaging Featured publications Fujita H,

Nader Riahi Aalam
Hossein Ghanbari

Assistant Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences Office: Tel: + 98 21 88991118 Email: Research interests Development of biomedical and cardiovascular implants using nanotechnology and

Hossein Ghanbari

Pharmaceutical Biomaterial Journal Club

Pharmaceutical Biomaterial Journal Club is a student based gathering which is supported by Medical Biomaterial Research Center (MBRC). In our weekly sessions, an interesting review article by distinguished authors is discussed. Interactive atmosphere of journal club help students to gain insight about recent researches in field of Pharmaceutical Biomaterials. Furthermore, in our special sessions, international researchers and investigators form other universities and research institute present their featured papers via Skype. Pharmaceutical biomaterial journal club is place to share our knowledge and it is start up for student based projects. Our weekly session is held every Saturdays 3-4 PM, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Science.

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Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Department (Joint to MBRC)


Ismaeil Haririan

Professor Office: 2-110 Tel: + 98 21 66482607 Email: Research intersts Pharmaceutical biomaterials Smart...

Mohsen Amini

Professor Office: 1- B1 131 Tel: +98 21 66959090 Email:

Hamid Akbari Javar

Associate Professor Office: 1-113 Tel: +98 21 Email:

Seyed Naser Ostad

Professor Office: 2-314 Tel: + 98 21 66959105 Email:

Masoud Soleimani

Associate Professor Office: Tel: + 98 21 82884508 Email:

Mazda Rad Malekshahi

Assistant Professor Email:

Saeed Balalaie

Professor Office: Tel: +98 21 22886575 Email:

Mohammad Abdolahad

Assistant Professor Office: Tel: +98 21 61114307 Email:

Mehdi Khoobi

Assistant Professor office: Tel: + 98 21 66482607 Email: Research interests Design and development of...

Saman Hosseinkhani

Professor Office: Tel: + 98 21 44078288 Email:

Contact Us

Medical Biomaterials Research Center- Tehran University of Medical Sciences- Enghelab Square- Tehran- Iran- Tel: +982166482607 Email: